Becky Toms joined PepsiCo 10 years ago, as a sales business unit controller leading a small team and looking after the company’s relationship with one of its customers across snacks, grains and juices.

Allowed to prove herself

Becky’s talent was soon spotted.

“I only did that role for eighteen months and then was promoted to a larger account. It was a great experience. I got lots of support internally.”

PepsiCo’s ability to foster talent has helped Becky to rise through the ranks.  She has progressed to become a senior sales director for one of PepsiCo’s biggest UK customers. Becky feels like she has been able to do this as PepsiCo has always been willing to give her the chance to prove herself.

“I feel like PepsiCo has always put its faith and trust in me, giving me stretching assignments which have allowed me to grow and develop I think it’s a great example of PepsiCo playing the long game.”

Supporting working parents

PepsiCo has not only supported Becky throughout her career, but also in her personal life. This meant that when Becky wanted to take thirteen months maternity leave, she could do so comfortable in the knowledge that it wouldn’t affect her career:

“I took thirteen months off – the year as maternity leave and then I added on holiday. I wanted that opportunity to spend time with my daughter Emily and I was able to do it knowing it wouldn’t have an impact on my career progression or be perceived negatively.

“Since I’ve had Emily, my work-life balance has had to change a bit and I really appreciate the flexibility that PepsiCo offers. Obviously, there are exceptions, but I’m generally home for six o’clock and I can flex my hours to allow me to make sure I’m there at breakfast time and at dinner, which for me is really important.”

PepsiCo as a top employer for women

Becky says that PepsiCo is helping to give women the tools they need to grow their careers:

“Despite the great strides women are making in business, often women, regardless of their success, lack confidence. PepsiCo has developed a couple of different courses designed to support its female managers and leaders with this in mind. I recently attended a transformational leaders programme - the focus of the course was about finding your voice and identifying and managing traits that could hold you back in the workplace. PepsiCo really invests in making sure that people have got the support around them to be their best.”

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