It’s a well-known fact that Brits love snacks, but Doritos fans aren’t just ordinary fans – they’re superfans. Every day, our Doritos marketing team get inundated with people showing their love for the iconic tortilla chip.

Ceri Bustin, Marketing Assistant and self-proclaimed Doritos Superfan, had only been working with the marketing team for a year, but spotted a huge opportunity to put dedicated Doritos fans centre stage to celebrate the ‘bold and the brave’. In doing so, she helped build an idea into a full campaign across all social channels.

When I first joined Doritos, I couldn’t believe how inundated the marketing team were with fans wanting to show their love of the iconic chips. The team is constantly receiving pictures, tweets, videos, and letters from people claiming they are the biggest fan of Doritos.”

With this in mind, Doritos decided to find out once and for all who the biggest fan was, setting out to find the UK’s Boldest Doritos Superfan as part of a national marketing campaign. The campaign embarked on a nationwide search to find the Ultimate Superfan, inviting Doritos-lovers to tell us why they deserved the tortilla crown. But there was of course a strict set of criteria they needed to meet, including a Higher National Doritos Dip-loma (HNDD)and strong ‘snackalytical’ skills.

Once the campaign started, Ceri was responsible for whittling down the whopping 8,000 entries to a shortlist of just three finalists. While this sounds like a daunting task to many, the variety of entries meant that Ceri was kept entertained and inspired by the people who shared her passion for the iconic brand – from pictures of people in bathtubs of Doritos to Doritos dresses.

“I interviewed a shortlist of 35 to test their Superfan credentials and selected the final three who would compete for the Superfan title. It was a struggle to pick the finalists from such a varied list of entries, but eventually I picked the three most inspiring and creative entries.”

The shortlisted contenders were then put through to the final interview process, led by comedian and presenter, Katherine Ryan, and hosted at Doritos HQ in Reading.

Ceri & KR

Following a gruelling day of interviews, the Superfan was crowned. Faith – donned with clothes and jewellery made from Doritos packets, and who turned every Doritos flavour into a rap – proved that she was the nation’s boldest superfan.

For Ceri, the campaign was incredibly rewarding on many levels.

“It was great to take an idea and build it into a fully-fledged campaign across all media channels. The whole process only took three months, which meant it was an intense time. But I learnt a huge amount from my colleagues. It was also pretty cool to see my work out in public, and to hear my friends enthuse about the campaign. I can’t wait to get started on the next one!”

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