Since the  early days of my career, I have enjoyed working in a multi-cultural environment, and this has been one of the key factors that has driven me throughout my career and when making key decisions regarding my next career move.

I’m currently the Insights Manager for Beverages (Western Europe & South Africa) – which means that I oversee the performances of our iconic brands and evaluate opportunities to grow our business even further based on consumer and market trends.

Before choosing to join PepsiCo, I worked for both agency and client side – so brought with me a wealth of experience and understanding but I really wanted to  have a role where I could make a tangible difference.

So why did I join PepsiCo?  It’s a huge multinational organisation with some fantastic brands which I’m personally passionate about – I truly believe in being an advocate and ambassador for the organisation you work for and this is definitely the case for me.  Even when I’m travelling on holiday, I’m always intrigued by how our products are activated and thinking of new ideas/thoughts that I can bring back!  I’d also spoken to friends who worked for PepsiCo in Brazil – they spoke passionately about PepsiCo being a great place to work – so it was time I found out for myself.

I’ve now been at PepsiCo a few months and I’m really enjoying it. I’m only just beginning to see the wealth of possibilities and opportunities for me to develop personally and add value to the organisation.  One of the biggest things that struck me when I joined is that I was positively “shocked” by the fantastic culture of the people that work here at PepsiCo, the support and willingness to help is unreal – it’s helped me to settle in quickly and really be part of a high performing team!

I’m really proud to work within the Insights function, it’s incredible how integrated and well respected the team is across the business. We are “trusted advisors” and this is something that I’ve not experienced or seen before.  We’ve got a huge, exciting agenda and every day is different – and we really do influence and shape some of the key decisions that the business makes.